Intuens DMS

INTUENS is a complete office automation system that enables the users to automate all the business processes with absolute ease and has been designed to create, store, collect, convey and manipulate different types of information for handling your business processes.

Right from electronic transfer and raw data storage to managing the electronic business information, one can handle all the business processes and document management using INTUENS.

A state-of-the-art automation software like INTUENS helps businesses experience countless possibilities of expansion. There are certain definite benefits of using an automation platform like INTUENS. These include easy management, smart monitoring, significant energy savings, reduced operational costs, improved productivity, and optimum usage of resources.

Product Features and Benefits

Today, most businesses must deal with paper-based documents, which leads to a lot of complications. In order to ensure a smooth business environment, organizations prefer to use office automation systems that enable advanced document management. An advanced office automation system like INTUENS is a critical asset for every organization to lower risk, reduce operational cost and speed up the processes. As it is equipped with features like document management, it helps scan and store paper documents in different formats and convert those into digitized documents. you can transform the entire process of managing the business information within your organization. You can perform all the tasks − right from basic operations like information retrieval and document search to complicated functions like document control − with ease.

INTUENS helps reduce the involvement of the professionals in the tedious regular tasks. It helps organize the process of documentation and record creation. As an advanced office automation tool, it helps in process automation using workflow, document management and records management. This, in turn, proves to be beneficial for organizations like yours.

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