Business Continuity & Connectivity

Few businesses can afford downtime. Major disruptions like cyber-attacks, floods or power supply failures can shut your doors without warning. Your current provider may respond on a “best effort” basis, but you need more than that.

Keep phone lines open, employees reachable, and networks/apps safe with LiveNet secure cloud solutions.

We know how to meet your needs

Avoid downtime and keep your business running smoothly with dependable Internet access protected by load balancing, managed failover and redundancy.

Load Balancing & Managed Failover automatically balance the network traffic between two circuits and ensures failover to one circuit should another fails.

LiveNet Network features protect you with:

  • Multiple Wide Area Network (WAN) uplink ports
  • Policies for Quality of Service (QoS), traffic shaping and failover
  • 3G/4G Modem Support
  • Warm spare failover
  • Smart connection monitoring; automatic detection of Layer 2 and Layer 3 outages

Allow employees to securely access your corporate network for internal files and documents, while reducing the business risk associated with a remote access.

  • Consolidate your office locations onto a single private network with LiveNet private networking and security services
  • Our Remote Access VPN service gives employees who are traveling or working from home a secure access to your network using any Internet-connected device
  • If your mobile workforce is dependent on VoIP or SaaS, prioritizing the network traffic is crucial for efficiency and performance. Use LiveNet Managed SD-WAN to prioritize traffic on the applications your team needs most

Take the guesswork, risk and hassle out of your network performance, while keeping your business operational. Our experts manage every aspect of the process including deployment, monitoring, and support.

  • Load Balancing & Managed Failover capabilities
  • Support for Managed IPsec VPN
  • Managed Firewall
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)

You can rely on LiveNet network and business phone systems.

Our Hosted PBX services are inherently redundant to help you keep your “Open” sign on. In case of Data outage or natural disaster, Hosted Voice users can redirect their desk phone to the device of their choosing and make or receive calls using the company calling plan.

Should any location be affected by an outage, a Voice Administrator can redirect all calls to an unaffected branch location.

LiveNet offers service level agreements that are among the best in the industry and backed by service credits. We provider 24/7/365 live support for all of our services.

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Business Voice

Get a phone system that increases productivity, collaboration and supports remote access.


Choose from a wide variety of speeds and technologies available nationwide.

Networks & Security

Connect your workforce and secure your data with optimal network protection.

Managed IT

Provide office staff with leading productivity tools while safeguarding business data.

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Business Internet

Get fast, predictable bandwidth with simplify network management and achieve the highest network reliablity security and support for high-bandwidth applications

Business Voice

Enjoy voice, video calling, chat, video-presence, conferencing, fax to email, email to fax and our mobile communicator app when you choose the LiveNet cloud PBX. Compare us with the rest and you will choose LiveNet everytime.

Managed Firewall

Get comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards your network and information assets against viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats.