Bermuda base Private Server From LiveNet Cloud Hosting For Your Precise Needs

LiveNet’s private cloud server gives you a complete choice to host every business application ranging from your accounting, tax filing, office documentation, resource management, and many other custom applications.

Your business relies on these Applications, by having them hosted on LiveNet private server, your company gains more I.T power, control, access and eventually better streamlining in your business processes.

Delimit Your Business

Private server solutions at LiveNet Cloud Hosting have been developed with the core aim of empowering businesses in every possible way. To support every size of businesses, our hosting solutions are available all over the globe to support an unlimited number of users and hence, delimiting them from the geographical restrictions.

Compatible with various devices to run on all the leading operating systems, we ensure a freedom of device choice to every client. The private server solutions are available for all your needs, such as IT development, storage, application hosting, etc., in order to get you the freedom of server usage you need.

No Device Restriction

Our managed servers are programmed to work on the device and operating system (OS) of your choice

Uninterrupted Business

Built-in Disaster Recovery & Business Continiuity. 99.999% uptime guaranteed to keep the services available

Scalable Resources

For any demand that your business brings, we deliver the fitting server resources on the cloud

Unlimited Users

Unlimited staff members access to the private server for your advanced business approach

Here are some of the major benefits of the Private Server


A private server is accessible only to you and users permitted by you, which neglects the chances of any security error caused by any other party (which is possible with a shared server). Our SSAE-16 Type || (SOC-2) audited security standards is included!


The complete control of the server remains with you. You can deploy it for the purpose that your business needs, such as app hosting, data storage,etc. To match up with the changing business requirements, these can be customized whenever you want.

Automated Backup

Since digital data is crucial for the business, we give utmost attention to keep it safe in every situation. Our servers are replicated on the remotely located secure servers instantly and automatically to ensure no loss of data caused by accidental deletion or other such instances.

24/7 Support

We offer you complete privacy to use your private server. When required, you can ask our experts to set it up or customize it for you. We are available 24/7 to modify the resources of the server. All you need to do it 'just raise a request’!

Heavy Performance

Our superfast SSD servers are hosted in Tier 3+/4 level data centers that offer multi-network connection and high bandwidth range. It enables Ace Cloud Hosting to maintain the quality of hosting services and allows heavier business applications to run smoothly.

Powerful Control Panel

You get to decide who can access the private server and up to what extent. All of this is managed over a simplistic control panel were you can set up users and their permissions in just a few clicks! If you don’t want to deal with this, our experts are at your service!

Get a Complete Office Solution

Business Internet

Get fast, predictable bandwidth with simplify network management and achieve the highest network reliablity security and support for high-bandwidth applications

Business Voice

Enjoy voice, video calling, chat, video-presence, conferencing, fax to email, email to fax and our mobile communicator app when you choose the LiveNet cloud PBX. Compare us with the rest and you will choose LiveNet everytime.

Managed Firewall

Get comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards your network and information assets against viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats.