Backup Internet

LiveNet experts will provide you with the best secure backup Internet solutions, using our infrastructure and interconnects partners. LiveNet’s data centers connect to four of Bermuda’s last mile infrastructures, which consists of: (1) Hamilton Based Prism Network; (2) Hamilton Based Hatteras Network (Nationwide copper network) and (3) Hamilton Based Wireless Network.

Prism Network

Prism is a complete Fiber network only available in Hamilton area.

Hatteras Network

The Hatteras network is delivered through the bonding of multiple coppers pairs connected through that same network. For example, a 20MB connection has 5 coppers pairs that will be bonded, and each pair gives you 5MB of bandwidth. Out of those 5 pairs, 4 pairs will be active, and 1 pair will be passive (which acts as a backup). If any copper goes bad, the passive pair will become automatically active. During a natural disaster, if you lose power in your area and if you have a power generator on premises, then your Internet will be up.

Wireless Network

LiveNet’s wireless network is completely owned and operated by LiveNet Communications and is using licensed frequencies. It can deliver up to 1GB to each customer’s premises. Most of the time, we use our Wireless product along with either the PRISM or Hatteras network, in order to deliver a full redundant network with that is each using a separate undersea cable (routing one cable to our New York POP and another to Miami POP), then from each POP, to two separate Internet uplink carriers on the island.

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Managed Firewall

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