Fax to Email

Faxing has never been easier! No hardware required to receive your fax. LiveNet can port over your existing number or give you a new number and also have multiple fax numbers from anywhere in the globe through our Global SIP infrastructure. We automatically convert received faxes into electronic images that are converted into PDF attachments and then delivered directly to your email inbox or to your distribution email inbox.

  • Say Good Bye to busy fax signals
  • No more paper jams
  • Reduce waste of paper, energy and consumables
  • Private faxes remains private

LiveNet goes beyond the normal technology assurances. We embed security policies and standard compliant practices in our everyday operations to guarantee the privacy, integrity, availability, and accessibility of your electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Internet Faxing Simplified

  • As easy as email
  • No setup required
  • No hardware OR software
  • Easier than a fax machine

Fax Faster Online

  • Confirmation delivered via email
  • Faxes delivered to your email
  • No more paper jams

Private and Secure

  • No more shared fax machine hassles
  • Internet faxes delivered to your email
  • Easily control confidentiality
  • Private faxes remain private

Save Money

  • No need to print before faxing
  • Save on electricity without a dedicated fax machine
  • Reduce waste of paper, energy and consumables

Save Time by Going Digital

  • Freedom to fax from anywhere
  • Save, forward, and organize as easily as email
  • Online fax archive
  • No more lost faxes

Green Technology

  • No need to print before faxing
  • Preserve the environement
  • Save on electricity without a dedicated fax machine
  • Reduce waste of paper, energy and consumables

Get a Complete Office Solution

Business Internet

Get fast, predictable bandwidth with simplify network management and achieve the highest network reliablity security and support for high-bandwidth applications

Business Voice

Enjoy voice, video calling, chat, video-presence, conferencing, fax to email, email to fax and our mobile communicator app when you choose the LiveNet cloud PBX. Compare us with the rest and you will choose LiveNet everytime.

Managed Firewall

Get comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards your network and information assets against viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats.